Selasa, 10 Juli 2012

  Cheat Code empire earth

100,000 of all resources = all your base are belong to us
1000 more gold = atm
1000 more wood = you said wood
1000 more rock = rock&roll
1000 more iron = creatine
1000 more food = boston food sucks
Building of all structures completed [Note] = coffee train

Full map = asus drivers
Full map and all resources = my name is methos
Instant building and research = brainstorm
Lose game = ahhhcool
No resources = the big dig
No gold = boston rent
No wood = uh, smoke?
No food = slimfast
No iron = girlyman
No rock = mine your own business
Planes refueled in mid-air = friendly skies
Remove objects from map = headshot
Restore energy to selected Prophet/Hero/Mana user = i have the power
Reveal entire map and remove fog of warn = bam
View fish and animals = columbus
Win game = somebody set up us the bomb

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haiii.... :D

i love dota

i love dota
apa ini...???? O.o